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Dessa Forma (2013)
digital colour print
41 cm x 53 cm 
exhibited at AirSpace Gallery, U.K. (2014)

Chicago Walk: The Loop Outside The Window (2013)
30 digital colour prints
120 cm x 97 cm

Fragments From An Empty City #1-#7-#9-#10 (2010) series of 20 empty city spaces digital colour print. 55,88 cm x 43.18 cm

“On October 3, 2010, I started to walk and photograph boulevard Saint-Laurent. I returned repeatedly to the sidewalk of each block along this street until after two years I had photographed its complete length without anyone in the frame.”

The 2524 snapshots that compose this work of repeatedly walking the same route. (2010-2012).

Every Foot of the Sidewalk: boulevard Saint-Laurent (bloc 28 – detail)
digital print
Every Foot Of The Sidewalk: boulevard Saint-Laurent (map)
map, original mixed media, google map, photos, pencil, tape
42” x 276” 
FOFA Gallery exhibition, Montreal (2013)

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